Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Καθώς αναφέρεται η έννοια του διευρυμένου, εδώ ένα άρθρο +abstract του Lev Manovich [2002] The Poetics of Augmented Space:

This essay will discuss how the general dynamic between spatial form and information which has been with us for a long time and which I outlined above functions differently in computer culture of today. Since the kinds of environments I offered, as examples above do not have a recognizable name yet, I will give me a new name - an augmented space. The term will be explained in more detail below, but here is the brief definition: augmented space is the physical space overlaid with dynamically changing information. This information is likely to be in multimedia form and it is often localized for each user.
The space that symbolizes the Information Age is not the symmetrical and ornamental space of traditional architecture, the rectangular volumes of modernism, nor the broken and blown up volumes of deconstruction.Rather, it is space whose shapes are inherently mutable and whose soft contours act as a metaphor for the key quality of computer-driven representations and systems: variability. 

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